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IT Support


Setup & Configuration

★   Setup new computers, configure and install applications to work across all devices.

★   Establish secure network, website, setup virus protection and parental controls.

★   Create backup plan locally and assist with disaster recovery cloud options for any budget including free options. 

Tech Support & Networking

★   Optimize your computer's performance, get rid of old or duplicate files, update your operating system and applications. Media Star will keep you up to date!

★   Are you having trouble with your computer, a program, device, phone or synching issue? Call to see if it if you just missed something, maybe it can be resolved over the phone or if you need to schedule an appointment.

★   Interested in that new wireless audio system, printer, smart tv, camera or nest to work with your new phone?

★   Ensure your photos, videos, music and documents are properly backed up locally or via cloud. Access off-site so your data can be restored in case of an emergency.

Onsite, Remote & Drop Off

★  Whether personal or business, onsite remote or drop off, Media Star can accommodate your needs and budget. Have your project completed by a pro! 

★   Drop Off & Remote: $60/hr (15 min minimum)

★   On-Site: $75/hr (one hour minimum)

★   Networking & Servers: $100/hr (one hour minimum)

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